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  • 营地类箱房

Product name is brand name. A good brand name must be concise, readable, memorable and easy to write. There are professional organizations in the United States that name products. They use computers to match 26 English letters with various names. Some brands are famous in the world, such as Klim and Kodak.

The language used for product identification shall be standard Chinese. Chinese phonetic alphabet or foreign language can be used at the same time. Chinese phonetic alphabet and foreign language should be less than the corresponding Chinese. The font height of Chinese characters, numbers and letters used in product identification shall be greater than or equal to 1.8mm.

Product identification should be clear, firm and easy to identify.

The product name includes the whole process of Chinese and English, or Chinese Pinyin. Also corresponding to the full name of the enterprise or product abbreviation, such as: ZTE Communications Co., Ltd., abbreviated as: ZTE, English abbreviation: ZTE.

Enterprises or brand names have uniform standard fonts, standard colors and standard sizes to distinguish them from similar enterprises or products. Enterprise and product names are applied to all aspects of the company's operation, such as daily products, services, office, marketing behavior, etc., to form a complete and unified enterprise CI system. So product name is the most important element in the enterprise identification system.

The product name shall indicate the true attributes of the product and meet the following requirements:

(1) Where the national and industrial standards have provisions on product names, the names specified in the national and industrial standards shall be adopted;

(2) Where the national and industrial standards do not provide for product names, common names or common names that will not cause misunderstanding and confusion among users and consumers shall be used.

The product name can be used as a registered trademark, but it should conform to the provisions of the Trademark Law.





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