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Router is the device that connects the LAN and WAN in the Internet. It can automatically select and set the route according to the situation of the channel, and send signals in order of the best path. Router is the hub of Internet, & quot; Traffic Police & quot;. At present, routers have been widely used in all walks of life. Various products of different grades have become the main force to realize various backbone network internal connection, backbone network interconnection and backbone network and Internet interconnection. The main difference between routers and switches is that switches occur in the second layer of OSI reference model (data link layer), while routes occur in the third layer, namely network layer. This difference determines that routing and switching machines need to use different control information in the process of mobile information, so the ways of realizing their respective functions are different.

Router, also known as Gateway, is used to connect multiple logically separate networks. The so-called logical network represents a single network or a subnetwork. When data is transmitted from one subnet to another, it can be accomplished through the router's routing function. Therefore, router has the function of judging network address and selecting IP path. It can establish flexible connection in multi-network interconnection environment. It can connect all kinds of subnets with completely different data packet and medium access methods. Router only accepts information from source station or other routers. It is an interconnection device in network layer.

Routers are divided into local routers and remote routers. Local routers are used to connect network transmission media, such as optical fibers, coaxial cables and twisted pairs. Remote routers are used to connect remote transmission media and require corresponding settings.

Router in Simulator 

Prepare, such as telephone lines with modems, wireless through wireless receivers, transmitters.

Router is the main node equipment of Internet. Routers determine the forwarding of data by routing. Forwarding strategy is called routing, which is also the origin of router name. As the hub of interconnection between different networks, the router system constitutes the Internet&nbsp based on TCP/IP; the main context of the Internet can also be said that the router constitutes the framework of the Internet. Its processing speed is one of the main bottlenecks of network communication, and its reliability directly affects the quality of network interconnection. Therefore, in the field of campus network, regional network, and even the whole Internet research, router technology has always been at the core, and its development process and direction has become a microcosm of the whole Internet research. In the current booming of China's network infrastructure and information construction, it is important to explore the role, status and development direction of routers in interconnection networks for domestic network technology research, network construction, and to clarify various paradoxical concepts of routers and network interconnection in the network market. Significance.

Switch router products have emerged. Essentially, it is not a new technology, but in order to improve the communication ability, the principle of switch is combined into router, so that the data transmission ability is faster and better.





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