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Dream of Starting, Embrace the Future --- Annual Conference of Business Incubation Platform, 2019

On January 23, 2019, the annual meeting of Century Tianhong Business Incubation Platform was held in Zibo. The theme of this annual meeting is "Dream to Start, Embrace the Future". The founders and employees of all incubation platforms of Century Tianhong gathered together for a grand ceremony.
    Chairman Ren Zhihong and General Manager Yu Baozeng also attended the annual meeting. The annual meeting is presided over by Zhang Xuejun, the executive vice president of Century Tianhong. In the meeting, Shandong Youyi Training Books Co., Ltd., Shandong Baihong Yiming Education Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhihong Chaoren Books Co., Ltd., Shandong Xianderui Books Co., Ltd., Shandong Shanghong Shengsheng Education Consulting Co., Ltd., Beijing Xiaohong Culture Media Co., Ltd., Zibohong Bookstore Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. are responsible for the limited public. The project managers of the Division, Shandong Guaer Culture and Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Touxue Technology Co., Ltd. and Shandong Tianyi Hongtu Education Technology Co., Ltd. shared their own business stories with you and led their team to carry out team demonstrations. The dynamic dancing of Xian Derui, the startup edition of Desert Camel adapted by Bai Hongyi, and the powerful "Running" of Shang Hongsheng's school group are all impressive. Subsequently, Ren Zhihong, chairman of Century Tianhong, awarded the commemorative gold medal for the entrepreneurship company and the award of "excellent entrepreneurship team" for Xian Derui and Bai Hongyi, and delivered a speech at the annual meeting.
Century Tianhong entrepreneurship incubation platform is full of challenges and opportunities. With down-to-earth style, indomitable spirit and perseverance, the entrepreneurship companies radiate their own light on the road of entrepreneurship. Farewell to 2018 and face the brand-new 2019, let us hope for the new brilliance of Tianhong entrepreneurship Incubation Platform in the 21st century.
    If you have a dream of starting a business, don't hesitate to seize the opportunity to start a business incubation platform and live up to your splendor.



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