Cultural Activity

taijiquan Competition kicked off in 2019

    In order to promote Chinese traditional culture, enrich Tianhong Sunshine Sports Activities, and cultivate the excellent quality of teamwork and positive progress of employees, the first Taijiquan Competition of Century Tianhong was officially launched in the company Park on April 22.

    For this Taijiquan competition, the company first carries out training for Chen Hongpai Taijiquan 81. Through propaganda and mobilization, employees are fully aware of the importance of Taijiquan for physical fitness and teamwork, and effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of various departments. The participants are divided into four teams: system division team, key account division team, business division team and functional department team. Employees from all departments actively cooperate and attend training on time, which lays the foundation for achieving good results in the future Taiji competitions.

    In this training activity, Mr. Li Yufu, Chen's Hongpai Taijiquan successor, was invited to direct the teaching. At the training site, Mr. Li and his staff carefully communicated and carefully guided, "Tai Chi Rise, Wild Horse Bristle, White Crane Bright Wings, Left and Right Knee Pacing" and other moves, like a long, flowing water, full of aesthetic feeling. Every day, employees of all departments form a square array to study on time, which forms a beautiful scenery line in the company park.

    As an important part of Wushu, Taijiquan has a long history, extensive and profound, and is the treasure of the Chinese nation. This Taijiquan activity into Tianhongyuan will not only make employees strong and healthy, but also further promote the extensive and in-depth development of the enterprise culture of Tianhong in the century.



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